5% to 6% Fix profit and 25% Business Profit Every Month

What is fix Profit?

Investor will get 5% to 6% profit every month upon there invested amount. This profit will be fix. It`s wont be more or less. So in 6 month investor will get total 30% to 36% fix profit upon there investment amount. 5% to 6% fix profit will be same every month 

What is Business Profit?

Investor will get also 25% of Company’s profit every month. For Example: If any investor invests 10000 $ . Company will use this money for Business by this 10k $ company make 4000 $ profit in a month so from this 4000 $ profit investor will get 25% of Business profit so investor will get 1000 $

Fix Profit + Business Profit = Total

  For Example: Investor invests 10000 $ and by this 10k USD Company makes 4000 $ profit. So investor will get 5% of Fix profit, it will be 500 USD and 25% of Business Profit so investor will get 1000 $. So total investor will get 1500 $ in a month. This 25% of Business profit will be more or Less it will depend upon company every month profit.

Is it safe business for Investment?


Yes It is safe for Investment.


Invest in textile or garments item business is full safe for the investors. Because there is no way to lose. By this investor money we will buy cloth and cloth is a basic necessary products. Also we buy this cloth with very very low price because in Bangladesh all kind of cloth item are very chip. Even if we buy cloth and its take time for sell there is nothing to worry because cloth will not destroy or damage. So invest in textile business it’s not like invest in share market or Forex market. This is 100% safe investment for every investor.


Visit Our Garments In Bangladesh

We also invite investor to visit Bangladesh and understand this business properly. If you want to visit our Bangladesh office or Garments you can. We will help you to get Visa and we will arrange your living place and Food. We will cover all the cost for 5 days. So Welcome to Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a very beautiful country we hope you will love this country.

Our Business

Export Cloth

We Export cloth all over the world. We make T-shirt, Polo Shirt, jeans Pent for Man, woman, Boys and Girls. Some International Company buy cloth from us. We make this cloth upon their requirements. To know more about it visit OUR PRODUCT page.

Domestic Cloth Sells

We also sell cloth to our Domestic market but is that case we do not produce this cloth. We buy cloth from other Garments. Sometime garment sell there's cloth with low price because of cancellation of Order or Shipment. In that case we buy there all cloth with low price and sell it to domestic cloth store owner with little high price.

Why We Choose Bangladesh for this Business?

More than three quarters of Bangladesh’s export earnings come from the garment industry, which began attracting foreign investors in the 1980s due to low labor and low conversion cost with 100% best quality. Bangladesh held on to its status as the second biggest apparel supplier in the world in 2017, accounting for 6.5 percent share of the market, according to data from the World Trade Organization (WTO). In 2017, Bangladesh exported garment items worth $29 billion, the data said.



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